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  1. 1. Save Space - 1/4 the size of Conventional Chargers.
  2. 2. Save Power - High Efficiency, uses 30% less power as compared to Conventional Chargers.
  3. 3. AUTO "SAFE CHARGE" CHARGING with Equalising Facility, this will extend battery life.
  4. 4. Compensated Charging for - Temperature, Age of battery and depth of discharge.
  5. 5. Front panel LEDs for displaying charger and charging status.
  6. 6. Fault Status LED's.
HF Charger Selection Chart for Flooded lead acid tractin batteries

To Monitor Battery Discharge Levels In Traction Applications

  1. 1. Features two modes – 'NORMAL' and 'EQUALISE'.
  2. 2. 'NORMAL mode re-charging' means restoring charge to a battery that is discharged after normal usage in the vehicle. The HF1 Charger in NORMAL mode can re-charge batteries that have been discharged down to 1.55 V/cell.
  3. 3. Equalising charge is required for batteries after they are fully charged to ensure that all cells are balanced – i.e, all cell voltages and battery specific gravities are approximately equal. This ensures that all cells of the battery are discharged during the work-shift phase. This prevents some cells from being either under-charged or over-charged during the charging phase and prolongs battery life.
  4. 4. EQUALISE mode charging in the HF1 Charger combines the functions of recovering deeply-discharged batteries, re-charging up to 100% state-of-charge and providing equalizing charge.
  5. 5. The HF1 Charger in 'EQUALISE mode' allows charging of batteries that are discharged down to 1.1V/cell (deeply-discharged).